1 - What is “SUPER CASH Mega Promo”?

“SUPER CASH Mega Promo” is an SMS based Trivia Game exclusively for Orange’s customers. The Promotion is designed to engage Orange’s customers and give them the opportunity to participate in draws for various prizes.

2 - What is the service duration?

The start date was on the 11th of July 2017. The end date of SUPER CASH Mega Promo will be the 6th of January 2017. The promo period may be further extended.

3 - Who is eligible to participate?

SUPER CASH Mega Promo is open to residents of Cameroon that are subscribers of Orange and are at least 18 years old, excluding all employees, representatives and agents of Orange, their respective parents and/or affiliated companies, contest suppliers, and those with whom any of the foregoing are domiciled. The person who owns the SIM card or has expressed authorization from the SIM card’s owner to use it is considered as Participant, regardless of the actual user of the phone.

4 - How can I participate?

To participate in the Trivia service, you should send an SMS with the word “YES” to the short code 9124 or dial #119*5*1#

5 - What is the cost of participation?

The subscription cost is 300F per day (with an automatic daily renewal).

6 - What is the points’ collection process & draw participation rules?

The points collected represent the number of entries a user has in the competition and for the corresponding draws. The more points a user has accumulated, the more entries he/she has in the draws and thus more chances of winning.

The below table summarizes the point scheme that applies to participants:

ActionPoints Earned
Successful Charge for SUPER CASH Mega Promo 100
Correct answers 20
Wrong answers 10
Invalid answers 0

The following prizes will be awarded in SUPER CASH Mega Promo:

Prize TitlePrize TypeAward frequencyAward Mechanism
Daily 100.000F Cash 1 prize every day Draw
Monthly 500.000F (Cash or worth inElectronics) 3 Prizes every month Draw
Final 10.000.000F Cash 1 prize at the end of the
Mega Promo


SUPER CASH Mega Promo Participants earn points with SUPER CASH Mega Promo, through daily subscription renewals and by replying/answering the trivia questions. Participants are eligible for prizes depending on the total number of points accumulated right up to the end of the corresponding draw. To qualify for a particular draw, subscribers must be successfully charged at least once during that prize period.

7 - How can I find out my total points?

To know your total points in the draws, send an SMS with the word “POINTS” to 9124 at no cost.

8 - How can I retrieve my latest trivia question of the day?

To retrieve your latest trivia question of the day, send an SMS with the word “LAST” to 9124 at no cost.

9 - How can I find out more information about SUPER CASH Mega Promo via SMS?

To find out more information on the SUPER CASH Mega Promo through SMS, send an SMS with the word “INFO” to 9124 at no cost

10 - How can I unsubscribe from SUPER CASH Mega Promo?

If you wish to unsubscribe from all SUPER CASH Mega Promo, send an SMS with the word “STOP” to 9124 at no cost. Upon successful unsubscription, you will receive a message confirming the cancellation.

11 - Where may I find the detailed Terms & Conditions of the Service?

The service’s terms and conditions are posted online at: http://supercash.up.st/

12 - How are the winners notified / announced?

Winners will be notified telephonically by Orange as soon as possible after the draw - through the mobile phone number used to subscribe to the service.

13 - How can I collect my rewards?

When you win, you will receive a call and be informed of all necessary details for receiving your reward, including proper identification and reward acceptance. The rewards are personal and can be redeemed only by the winner.

14 - I sent a message but didn‘t receive a reply SMS, why?

If you have not received a reply SMS, verify the following:
     ▪ Check if your mobile inbox is full and doesn’t have enough memory to receive new messages. Please delete some old messages to free up more memory.
    ▪ Please check the mobile phone is within network coverage area. With no or limited signal coverage, the SMS might have failed to reach its destination.
    ▪ The message wasn't sent to the correct number. Write a new message and send it to the right short code according to the service you wish to subscribe to.
    ▪ There is a chance the network in your area is saturated at the moment. Please be patient and if you haven't received a message within 15 minutes, please send a new SMS.