SUPER CASH Mega Promo is a trivia-based contest that subscribers can participate in, for the chance to win life-changing prizes – daily, monthly and final!

Type of participation

SUPER CASH Mega Promo offers users the chance to choose from two types of participation:

  1. Free Trivia Game, involving a set of questions and answers free of charge. Participants enter the draws for a chance to win electronic prizes or 500,000F!
  2. Premium Participation (Super Cash Promo), under a daily subscription cost of 300F/day, offers the users intriguing trivia questions and the chance to win: 100,000F daily, electronics monthly, and a final grand prize of 10,000.000F!

But there’s more!

Subscribers may also join the:

Personality Tests Service, with 7 days FREE trial period and then under daily subscription cost of 51F/Day, where users receive some valuable and easy facts to discover unknown aspects of their personality! There is a draw for 2,000,000F!

Duration of Promotional Period

180 days, starting from 01 December 2018

Subscription cost:

1. Free Trivia Game: Free of charge

2. Premium Participation (Super Cash Promo): 300F per day (incl. all taxes)

3. Personality Tests: 51F per day (incl. all taxes)


1. Free Trivia Game: Send FREE to 9117

2. Premium Participation (Super Cash Promo): Dial the USSD code #119*5*1#

3. Personality Tests: Send YES to 9104

100,000F Daily
300F per day (tax inclusive)
Text YES to 9124
Εlectronics Μonthly
300F per day (tax inclusive)
Text YES to 9124
10,000.000F Final
300F per day (tax inclusive)
Text YES to 9124